evolution 185mm mitre saw review

There are a whole range of accessories that you can buy for your mitre saw. It weighs around 18 pounds and its dimensions are 15.3 x 11.9 x 9.9 inches. This saw is suitable for cutting wood, laminated panels and plastic. There are plenty of good brands to pick from, and we help you decide which is the best mitre saw for your own specific needs. They are made by a number of the leading tool brands like Evolution, Einhell, Makita, VonHaus, Silverline, Bosch, Metabo, Pingtek and Dewalt.Just below we have compiled a top 10 list of the best mitre saws, that are currently available in the UK. It comes with dust port and adaptor with which you can hookup the vacuum and clean the things at your convenience. It allows you to work effectively on your projects also keeping safety into consideration. These are usually made from a hard plastic, cast aluminium and the older versions were made of wood. The drag, crosscut and mitre saw allows clean mitre cuts and precise crosscutting to length. Make sure that you read the whole article carefully so that you have proper clarity about the product that you are buying. What are the different types of mitre cuts and joints? Prices will vary across the stores, but in general we have found that they fall in and around the same price points. They come in different sizes. The saw also has an XPS light which will flash when the battery charge is low. Most mitre saws will come with one blade, and in most cases that will be a multi-purpose blade. Rated by contractors, tested and certified … It can make straight cuts and also a variety of angle cuts, that include mitres, bevels and compound cuts in wood and other materials. The Channeled air flow provides the smooth performance and you don’t have to worry about motor overheating during continuous use. These are aimed at a market mainly of guys who are interested in DIY types of work. They vary in diameter with the most popular being 210 mm (8.25") and the 255 mm (10"). Below are some of the materials that you can use for cutting through this saw. This type of saw is a basic tool in a carpenter/joiner, builder, or home DIY person's tool kit. Evolution R255SMS+ Compound Sliding Mitre Saw Review. These cookies do not store any personal information. To use one of these, you place the board inside the box and line it up to an appropriate slot on the wall of the box. Includes a thin kerf 190mm 24T carbide tipped blade for improved performance and runtime. This cut can be made at different angles such as 30, 45 degrees etc. This could include laying floor boards, wooden floors, building decks and also for putting up shelving. The key purpose of a mitre saw is to be able to cut a joint known as a mitre. They are however more expensive with costs ranging between £150-700. The Evolution RAGE4 is a 185mm chop saw designed exclusively for Electricians and Plumbers. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … Evolution is a company which is known for making some really innovative tools at affordable prices. It also uses an XPS cross cut alignment system featuring an ultra-bright LED light. This unique alignment system requires no recalibration over time or after changing blades. It raises the miter above ground level and allows users to manipulate their cuts whichever way they desire. There are three different sections in this saw that a lot of people are not really happy with. It has proper base indicator that provides you the better cutting line visibility. Check Price at Amazon. Again this can either be a straight cut bevel or one made at different angles. What is the size of the blade’s arbor? There are of course any number of online websites as well. But, over all it’s pretty good saw and worth your investment. Ripping Capacity is also very important that you must check out before buying any power tool. You are always better off paying just a few extra pounds and getting a sliding version. During Warranty period, if you need any assistance, you can call the Company or mail them, they are very quick to help. It has heavy 1600w motor that produces high torque with optimized blade and gearbox system. It also has a dust bag to capture sawdust and a wood clamp. They are certainly worth considering if you are a keen DIY person and can simply not afford the higher end Dewalt brand. If you are someone who needs to cut very precise angles for joints, then the only way to achieve this is by owning one of these saws. These cost around £60- £100 so if you have that budget, that is great.A normal compound is around £50-70 on average and that will work on most standard sizes of wood and allow you to do many types of cuts including straight, mitre and bevel.The cheapest one you can get from around £50 and with that you can also do straight, mitre and bevel cuts. This saw comes in on the light side weighing only 39.3 lbs., so it’s pretty easy to move around the shop or from site to site. This saw also uses the "XPS Shadow line" which provides fast accurate alignment of the blade while illuminating the work piece for increased productivity. However if you are working on something like fencing posts, kitchen worktops or larger pieces of wood, then a sliding action is an essential feature. Just below we review these top 10 mitre saws in a lot more detail. Take the Evolution Rage3 for example—it’s like a metal and reciprocating saw built into a miter saw housing, but much more capable. Below I have listed two cheaper alternatives, the mitre box and the hand precision saw. This model has a 1200 watt optimised gearbox and blade system, It also has laser guidance, a trench cut facility, 230 mm slide, 0-45 degrees bevel and 50-50 degree mitre settings, It comes with an F210-TCT multi-material blade (20 teeth) and is covered by a 3 years warranty (only valid if purchased in the UK), 96% buyer satisfaction based on 60+ online buyer reviews. Compatible with Evolution mitre saws. It also has soft start electronics, laser measurement technology and two-point dust extraction. Multi-Material cutting technology. Please note: When fitting this blade, the direction arrow indicators on the blade art go the same direction as arrow indicator on the mitre saw… If you are still unsure, then opt for a sliding compound as that will do almost any job of this nature. This mitre saw uses a Japanese tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) blade which can cut steel, aluminium, wood with embedded nails, plastic etc. 96% buyer satisfaction based on 200+ online buyer reviews. This model has a 1400 watt motor providing up to 6300 blade rpm. The bevel angle capacity is 0 to 45 degree which is good and you can set different angles at your disposal. All mitre saws will have a number of popular pre-set angles. It also has mitre and bevel angle detents for quick and easy set up of the saw. Very high and consistent buyer ratings of 4.6 out of 5 stars Measures 50 x 48 x 30 cm and weighs 7 KG. Ideal for longer pieces of wood, for ripping and can also cut bevels and angles. This model is a sliding compound mitre saw with a 230 mm slide, 0-45 degree bevel and 50-50 Degree mitre settings, and those cover all common cutting angles. 96% buyer satisfaction based on 120+ online buyer reviews. Where do I buy alternative blades? It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. They will cut through wood, plastic, PVC and metals like aluminium and even light steel. It is an electric power corded saw, runs on 120V. Their products look really good and they also work really well. There is the old fashioned way of measuring, and then using a normal hand saw. Having a good mitre saw stand is like having an extra pair of hands. It comes with built in dust collection system and you can easily hook up the vacuum and get things done conveniently. The smallest in the Evolution sliding mitre saw family, the R185SMS is ideal for portability, weighing only 8.8kg. Evolution 185mm turbo segmented diamond blade for cutting masonry. This Evolution Rage carbon steel circular saw blade is suitable for aluminium, mild steel, plastic and wood. This Evolution saw cuts mild steel with no heat, no burrs and virtually no sparks, leaving ready-to-weld cuts making it perfect for efficient on-site use. How to fit skirting boards with a mitre saw. Often this is referred to as a cross cut as it cuts across the width of a material. If you would like to see all the other options, then please click here for other methods to make a mitre joint, without a mitre saw. Call 0114 251 1022 for more about Evolution power tools. Likewise having a few of the best mitre blades allows you to get a range of finishes on different types of wood. You can click on any of the links above to find out more about each type of saw. The mitre angle adjustment system provides accurate and consistent setting of mitre angles between 0 and 48 Degree right and 0 and 48 Degree left. This saw is very suitable for trench cutting. This brand has become very popular in the UK. This saw also has a dual fence mechanism that supports larger material cuts at any angles. With the massive improvement in battery technology, Lithium-Ion batteries can now easily power a mitre saw. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. What i really like about this tool that it comes with 14 foot long power cord that provides you freedom and flexibility so that you can easily work in jobsite. This could be a life saver in case of emergency. Both types are available as corded and cordless. This particular model uses a 1200 watt gearbox system, that helps increase motor and blade life to cut through a variety of materials. KROP Circular Saw Blade Cordless TCT 184/185mm x 80 Tooth x 16/20mm Bore fits Skil, Erbauer, DeWalt, HiKOKI, Hitachi, Evolution and More. You can use the onboard storage to store all the necessary tools and accessories. 88% buyer satisfaction based on 6,500+ online buyer reviews. That is classed as a heavy duty motor and will cut with great ease. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; This comes as a tool only option but is compatible with all batteries and chargers across the 18V ONE+ system of tools. ... Evolution R185SMS 185mm Electric Single-Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw 240V (383GF) Product rating 4.7 out ... Erbauer EMIS254S 254mm Electric Double-Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw 220-240V (244FV) Product rating 4.5 out of 5 stars Compare. I know the importance of having the right tool to do the job properly. Adjust the angle of cut with the pre-selected mitre angles at 0,15,22.5,31.6 and 45°. For example if you want to cut wider pieces of wood, then you would need a sliding compound saw. None of these are necessary for the simpler cuts but they can make the bigger tasks a great deal easier to do. It comes with a multi-material blade (24 teeth) and covered by a limited 3-year warranty. Below we have included some basic information on those. Review of the Rage 3. For example if you were working on skirting boards, a bit of framing, dado rails etc, then you don't need a sliding feature. So you cut across the width and the depth of the wood. I am quite a fan of Dewalt as in my opinion they do make the best saws on the market. The more teeth there are the finer the cut. A mitre cut is an angled cut along the width of the material. However it will have a straight edge. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. It is easy to use, and usually for cutting shapes like kitchen worktops. It has a 1,600 watt motor that drives the saw blade at 5,500 rpm for quick and clean cutting. Depth of Cut (0°): 2-1/2” Max. Evolution is a company which is known for making some really innovative tools at affordable prices. This model has a 1500 watt optimised gearbox and blade system, which allows you to easily cut through a variety of materials with ease. 85% of all buyers gave this a full 5 star review, The majority of buyers said that this saw is extremely accurate and produces a very sharp clean cut, Buyers said all the adjustments are very easy to make and that makes the saw very easy to use, Buyers said the sliding action is very smooth, A few buyers received the product and found missing or damaged items in the box, 88% of all buyers gave this a full 5 star review, The majority of buyers said that this saw is quiet, precise and extremely powerful, Buyers said it is very easy to setup, accurate out of the box and light to carry around, Buyers loved the fact that they could saw without having to worry about an electric cord dangling around, A couple of buyers simply said it was too expensive for them, 86% of all buyers gave this a full 5 star review, Novice buyers said this was easy to set up and worked like a treat, Many buyers bought this mitre saws to build a deck and said it worked like a treat, Most buyers thought it was very good value for money, A few buyers said it was too expensive for them, 89% of all buyers gave this a full 5 star review, The majority of buyers say this saw is exceptional vale for money, Many buyers bought this mitre saw to work on kitchens and larger projects and said it was a very good choice, Most buyers thought this saw was very easy to set up and very easy to use, A few buyers said the dust bag is not that useful, 84% of all buyers gave this a full 5 star review, The majority of buyers say this saw is small and perfect if you are limited for space on a garage or shed, Many buyers loved the XPS system as it just made cutting a great deal easier and more accurate, A few buyers said it wasn't as portable as they needed, Read More About Different Types of Mitre Cuts.

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