surah to read for a sick person

Hazrat Ayesha also narrated once that when a close family member of the Prophet would fall ill, he would recite the Quran and blow it over them. 10 Characteristics of True believers-Lesson from Surah Furqan. If a person makes du’aa’ for his parents whilst they are still alive, they will benefit from his du’aa’. The same applies to making Hajj on their behalf if they are unable to go themselves because of old age or incurable sickness. There are many duaas you can read to keep you going through this difficult time, I am ginding them as well for a very ill member of my family. do ever Prophet(saw) and his campanions used Quranic verses specially Surah Fatiha for curing sick? As for the Hadith of "Recite Surat Ya Sin at your dying people," it is a weak Hadith and was not reported from the Prophet, peace be upon him, as many scholars said. Is there sound evidence from authenticated hadiths? Read it abundantly and ask for the good health for you and from your family from Allah. I was very sad to read this, I pray you are as well as can be and Allah swt grants you shifa. º, comes the story of the man whom the Prophet sent on a mission. Many diseases such as cancer, blood pressure, diabetes and much more get cured by the grace of Allah the Almighty when a person recites Ar-Rahman daily. - Encyclopedia of searchable Islamic Questions & Answers - Islamhelpline Surah Rahman is said to have miraculous effects on sick and ailing people. Surah Yaseen v). The following Aam’al is recommended for the cure and Shifa of a patient: i). Just read it as much as you can. They will also benefit from charity given on their behalf whilst they are still alive. Surah Al-Faatihah has special blessings as was specifically mentioned by the prophet (s.a.w.). Unique Facts about the wives of Prophet Muhammad SAW You can also recite the Surah Al ikhlass, Al-Fatiha, surah falak, AyatulKursi, surah naas and duroodshareef as much as you want. Family members should recite Surah al … Surah Al-Faatihah. Ayat al Kursi iv). It will surely make your body free of diseases. But the simplest is probably surah al … In one of the hadith the prophet (s.a.w.) (1) (Sunan Abu Dawud No. Lesson from Dua of Adam AS (Prophet Series ) Sana Khan who recently left Bollywood marries a Mufti.Video goes viral. [See: Irwa' Al Ghalil 3 / 155]. 6479). Read Latest Posts. Lesson from Nuh AS’s Dawah of 950 years. You should not limit the recitation of this dua in numbers. The surah is as follows: “Waithu maridtu fahuwa yashfeen”. Do Surah Fatiha cure for diseases? 1631, and Al Albany (may Allah bestow mercy on his soul) graded it as authentic in Sahih Al Jami` No. Surah for cure of all diseases There are many supplications which were used by our beloved prophet to cure his own family members as there are many hadith to support it. This surah can be used to ward off evil and for general healing. other Dua and Tasbeeh are the sources of Shifa even if recited secretly. Surah al-ikhlaas iii). The hadith quote that when any member used to fall sick he used to put his right hand on the forehead and recite the following verse: The reference to this surah is made in other parts of the Quran as well. When it is recited in the morning, Allah sends for an angel to protect the person all day long till the sunsets. To ask for good health from Allah you can always recite the Surah Ash-Shura, verse 80 of it. and took reward of goats? told us that it was the greatest surah of the Quran. The sick person shall recite the below-mentioned dua for 40 times during … The best surahs to read when a person was suffering from illness was Surah Ikhlas and Surah Falak. Surah al-Hamd ii).

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