pitioss ruins theory

EPILOGUE: “The True Story of FFXV Revealed”. http://imgur.com/SUBh6ly, Ifrit isn’t in the Underworld yet, rather deep inside the planet Eos, approaching the Door to the Underworld. The spike platforms move up & down, left & right, its pure chaos in here. He mentioned that one of the producers of FFXV worked on Bloodborne, a game famous for using environment & item descriptions to bring lore and story in to the game. http://imgur.com/7B4DRI5 Another interesting piece of evidence that the identity of this statue is Ifrit, is Ifrit's artwork from Final Fantasy Tactics: http://imgur.com/R8DVRdX. Regardless, this is the last leg of Ifrit’s journey out of the Underworld. Regardless of who’s wrong or right, the fact remains that Eos DID exist and she had children, most likely with a human. This skull contraption is a REPRESENTATION of Doomtrain. At the cost of his life, at the cost of becoming a Betrayer, at the cost of spreading star scourge unto the world. That’s why it plays during your last trek through Insomnia! The article made it seem like the whole theory was debunked, however, we contacted the author of the Kotaku article and based on his response the only part that was debunked was the fact that Ifrit loved Eos. It is Ifrit’s masterpiece crafted to tell the tale of how he tried to save Eos, Goddess of the Dawn, by travelling into the Underworld to free her from her imprisonment. No enemies inside the dungeon. We make our way to the top where we then have to jump onto the pillars to reach the next room. Another thing to notice here is if you follow the statue of Ifrit’s gaze, you can see the statue of Eos far below. The Gods in Greek & Roman Mythology!! The game doesn’t try to explain why Pitioss Ruins exists, what any of the surreal statues and passageways mean, or why you have to jump your way through a giant demonic wall en route to uncovering the dungeon’s secrets. This explains why the Lucis & Nox family have powers separate from the crystal. THANK YOU to reddit user /u/PenguinSunday for pointing out that in this final room as you land in the circle of lava and hit the switch to open the door to Doomtrain's room, the music changes from What Lies Within (normal dungeon music) to Disquiet (the music that played during Noctis's nightmare) after you hit the switch. Titan is barring Ifrit’s way forward. Everything started clicking in to place for me after reading this… Pitioss Ruins is literally…the Pit of Eos. Even in the battle at the citadel, Ifrit fights to the death to protect the last sliver of his Beloved. Clearly, it is poisonous to Astrals, too. Past the statue of Ifrit, the only path forward is random, twisted steel beams. It fits the tone of FFXV perfectly. After Ifrit transferred his soul to his nearby messenger, he must have returned to the Pyre after the flames died down. Ifrit saved her just in time, before the last of her light was extinguished. This part is jarring & scary. Square Enix had this planned from the start. http://imgur.com/TZaQSqK, Time is running short for Ifrit, and he has no way out…at one point in this part of your trek out of Pitioss you find the Pendulum accessory…another allusion to running out of time. This story begins and ends with Ifrit. Let’s not forget that Taelpar Crag was created sometime during the War of the Astrals… http://imgur.com/u09FTuc, So you as the player are completing the last obstacles of Pitioss on your trek out. This is suggested by the continuing dungeon music playing, whereas the first time we come here a different song plays. It’s only once we officially enter the “first” room of Pitioss that we start getting the crazy imagery. The next room has the giant spinning globe with another Ifrit statue perched above it. This explains the heavy use of symbolism throughout Pitioss Ruins. Eos is running out of time. Right after this hall of chaos, the player’s perspective radically changes & a new somber song begins to play. http://imgur.com/On4wiww. The dungeon's design is dominated by glowing orange spikes, numerous statues of unknown figures, and in its deepest chamber, a giant stone statue of a woman holding a sword over her head; the identities of the figures are unknown, but the giant statue of the woman appears to be the focal point of the ruins, being found in their deepest point before the player begins their return to the surface. Prawn Antennae are dropped by the lobster like Karlobos monster. We love you, man! The crystal contains a small shred of the goodness and light that once was Eos. http://imgur.com/gGDHe1X, This would explain why daemons sometimes appear in the power plant…not because of star scourge in the meteor, but because deep below is a direct hole to the Underworld! You slide down a long shaft very quickly. Let us stress here that Pitioss is NOT where these events actually occurred. Her picture in the Big Bang art, and her statue both depict her as having her eyes open. Original theory by husband & wife team, Perona77. Remember….Ifrit is a romantic, Eos is his beloved, & he is undertaking this massive journey for her sake. SO….the first Meteor is the one that is holding Titan down at the Disc of Cauthess. Only those who could pay the fare with coins placed under their tongues are granted passage. There’s desperate scratch marks all over the wall, oozing star scourge. We disagree on that point. A jumpingpuzzle not even Satan him self would use to torture his subjects with." /r/FFXV/comments/5w8ws8/eos_revelations/, DOUBLE UPDATE 2/17: Kotaku has picked up Pitioss:REVELATIONS and written an article about it! Also, at some point after his first death and retrieving the crystal from Eos’ heart, Ifrit in his messenger’s body must have built Pitioss ruins. For Final Fantasy XV on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Pitioss Ruins; REVELATIONS FFXV Theory. Lore See also: Story within Pitioss Ruins Chapter 1: An Idea. http://imgur.com/25AG2hq. One thing to keep in mind is that Tabata has said multiple times, even as recently as this week in an interview for Xbox magazine, that there IS a story being told in Pitioss for players to figure out. The crystal contains a small shred of the goodness and light that once was Eos. TLDR ; The Rock of Ravatogh is actually Eos's and Ifrit's corpses. In Final Fantasy Peasant’s Youtube video about our original Pitioss theory, he made a connection that we did not about the Genji Gloves. UPDATE 3/11: Pitioss: Ruins theory partially CONFIRMED!! Let’s see what Bahamut has to say about the Crystal. This explains the heavy use of symbolism throughout Pitioss Ruins. http://imgur.com/lJLKOFp. Pitioss is literally a Greek tragedy stage play set up by Ifrit himself to tell his epic tale to a future Lucian king & memorialize his beloved, Eos. If Ifrit had not saved Eos when he did, the last of her light would've been extinguished, and there never would of been another dawn! Noctis takes huge damage from the fall, almost dying. This is why it can restore the Dawn. However, Reddit User /u/TurtleBees worded it best and several other readers commented that Eos was likely alive at this point. Either way, it’s clear an attack didn’t occur, most likely because Ifrit and Eos are literally oozing Star Scourge . Just as we exit, we find the Black Hood...Eos died just as she was brought back into the sunlight...she was able to see the day one final time after her eternity of torment.

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