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To access this information, go to and log in using your FSA ID and password. At Midwestern State, we award a wide range of scholarships and other financial aid to undergraduate and graduate students. The student may choose to decline some, or all, of the loan funds so that additional debt is not incurred. Appeal deadlines for each term should be posted on the financial aid website. Most Minnesota State Mankato students depend on federal, state and/or private funding assistance to finance their college education. Students may also contact the Financial Aid Office for deadline dates. Contracting Arrangements When you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) you will be considered for all forms of federally-funded grants, loans and work-study assistance. Weekly Financial Aid Sessions. Financial Aid Scholarships Academic Scholarships Generally awarded for academic achievement, special abilities as indicated by the applicant's past record (high school and/or college), ACT or SAT scores, participation in extracurricular activities, and other criteria as defined by the specific scholarship … Explore Missouri Western State University (MWSU) Tuition and Cost A student who loses financial aid eligibility based on rate of completion must attend, and successfully complete, a sufficient number of credit hours to raise his or her completion rate (pace) to the required 67%.The student will be required to use his or her own financial resources until he or she is again meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress standards. Documentation Required to Complete Verification. Yes, our office can be reached by completing the contact form below or by calling 816-271-4362 (in-person visits are not currently allowed).. elect to submit a paper Tax Return rather than using the Data Retrieval Tool within the FAFSA application. In addition, approval of a Dependency Override by a financial aid administrator at another college or university does not guarantee that a similar determination will be made by Missouri Western State University. Financial Aid and Scholarships. Federal regulations specify how Missouri Western must determine the amount of Title IV program assistance that a student has earned if he or she officially withdraws or stops attending. Should the student’s financial aid be reduced for any reason the student’s account must be paid within thirty (30) days. Only the amount of actual purchases will be deducted from the student’s pending financial aid. In compliance with this regulation, Missouri Western will conduct an evaluation of each student’s degree progress each semester as indicated below. Please refer to Missouri Western’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for information regarding the student’s right to appeal. No officer, trustee, employee or agent who has responsibilities with respect to student financial aid or education loans and who serves on an advisory board, commission, or group established by a lender, guarantor, or group of lenders or guarantors, shall accept anything of value, including reimbursement for expenses, from the lender, guarantor, or group of lenders or guarantors for such service. (816) 271-4361 phone Scholarship GPA criterion is based on a 4.0 scale. Students should be aware that it can take up to 30 days to complete an evaluation once all transcripts have been received. Students must successfully complete 67% of all courses attempted to remain eligible for federal financial assistance. Federal financial assistance consists of the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Work-Study, Federal Stafford Loans, Federal Parent Loans, Federal SEOG, and Federal TEACH Grant. Students at Missouri Western who intend to receive VA benefits should contact the Missouri Western School Certifying Officials in the Financial Aid Office, Eder Hall, Room 103, (816) 271-4507. A probationary period may be granted only after a student has appealed and has had eligibility for aid reinstated based on the appeal. Applicability We are continuing to monitor the COViD-19 situation. The total value of grant and scholarship aid from all sources may not exceed the student’s Cost of Attendance as determined by Federal Regulation. Missouri Western is committed to the safety and well-being of our campus community and fulfilling our mission of education and service. Official transcripts from all college level coursework must be received and evaluated prior to determining a student’s final eligibility for federal financial assistance. Interaction with Borrowers an abusive (emotionally or physically), unhealthy, or unsafe family environment; abandonment of the student by the parent(s); incarceration of the custodial parent(s); removal or relocation of the student from the parent(s)’ residence by court order; and/or. Renewable Scholarship Requirements and Guidelines. October 2020 . This Policy applies to all employees who work in the Office of Financial Aid and all other University employees who have responsibilities related to education loans or other forms of student financial aid. A student on financial aid probation may receive Title IV funds for one semester. The bookstore will forward the return amount to Missouri Western State University and the student’s account will be credited. The student’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC) may change based on corrections made. For example, if the student is a first-time, first-year undergraduate and has not completed the first 30 days of the semester before withdrawing, he or she will not be eligible to receive the loan funds that would have been received had the student remained enrolled past the 30th day. Financial aid awards may be reduced or cancelled if aid received from ALL sources causes the student to exceed unmet need or cost of attendance or if the student does not meet eligibility criteria. In this situation, students may be required to appeal to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee for reinstatement of financial aid eligibility. However, the previous year’s determination may be a factor in the Dependency Override decision. letters of support from at least two other adults (only one of which may be a family member or relative) who are familiar with the situation and can confirm the validity of the appeal. If financial aid awards are more than university expenses, the student will receive a ‘refund’ from the Business Office. We are here to help you make adjustments. Missouri Western State University (MWSU) Financial Aid and Scholarships 2021 OVERVIEW PROGRAMS AND TUITION ADMISSIONS FINANCIAL AID $4,901 When the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of scholarships to be awarded, recipients will be selected on a competitive basis at the discretion of the University. All conflicts must be resolved regardless of whether the student was selected for verification. An individual academic plan may also include additional requirements as deemed appropriate by the Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee. At Missouri Western, everything is possible, including affordable tuition. RE: Financial Aid Laura, thanks for your question. The University shall not accept any computer hardware from a lender or guarantor for which the University pays below-market prices or offers to print financial aid materials from a lender or guarantor. Applying for Federal Student Aid is simple and free. The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) has provided guidance to assist financial aid administrators in making consistent and reasonable Dependency Override decisions. This determination is commonly referred to as a Dependency Override. (816) 271-4361 phone Financial Aid Administrators have the discretion to exercise professional judgment to adjust student reported information to account for special circumstances. Students must enroll in a minimum of six (6) credit hours to be eligible for student loan funds (5 credit hours for graduate students). If the student fails to meet satisfactory academic progress standards at the end of the warning period, he or she will lose eligibility for federal financial aid the following semester. The combined total of Missouri Western and Foundation scholarships may not exceed the recipient’s actual charges for tuition and related fees, course-related fees, admissions fees, campus housing and meal plan costs. Regulations require students to report any external sources of monetary assistance that are not reflected on the award notification. Financial Statements . If you have a WSU network ID and password, you can send documents electronically. Treatment of Scholarships When a Student Withdraws During the Semester. Revenue Sharing Missouri Western may automatically use all, or a portion of the student’s post-withdrawal disbursement of grant funds for tuition, fees, and room and board charges, however, will require permission to use the post-withdrawal grant disbursement for all other charges. a complete Parent Loan Approval Appeal  (Goldlink); a complete Verification Worksheet (Goldlink); a copy of parent(s) most recent Federal tax return (if not previously submitted). Other documentation to substantiate the request. Although students will be notified in writing should they fall below satisfactory academic progress standards, it is the student’s responsibility to know his or her academic standing in regard to this policy. Only Missouri Western State University credit hours will be included when determining a student’s enrollment status for Missouri Western scholarships. The maximum amount of a grant overpayment that the student must repay is half of the grant funds he or she received or was scheduled to receive. However, the other school’s decision may be a factor in the determination. A student, who is pursuing an additional undergraduate degree, after completion of the first undergraduate program, should be able to complete degree requirements within 200% of the published length of the program as measured by the student’s overall attempted hours. Any loan funds that the student must return may be repaid in accordance with the terms of the promissory note. For updates, alerts, and more information, click here. Hours for which the student did not receive financial aid and those waived under an academic renewal policy must be included as attempted hours. unsubsidized Direct loan eligibility for dependent students whose parents have refused to help support the student financially and refuse to complete the FAFSA; additional unsubsidized Direct loan eligibility for dependent students whose parents were approved for a PLUS loan but have demonstrated inability to take/repay the loan; and/or. A student may submit a written appeal to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee if documentable extenuating circumstances caused the student to fall below satisfactory academic progress standards or exceed the maximum timeframe allowed for degree completion. Dear Students, Montana State University-Northern has received Higher Education Emergency Relief Grant funding from the Department of Education as part of the CARES Act. For example, if the student has completed 30% of the semester, he or she has earned 30% of the assistance that was scheduled for the period. For additional guidance regarding board service, refer to the University’s Gift Policy. The goal of the Missouri Western State University Financial Aid Office is to provide students and their families with a professional, unbiased approach to making the dream of higher education a reality. Additional Degree Programs and Degree Completion. Complete your application for the MSU Admissions Office at You must meet ALL admission requirement before any financial aid (scholarships, grants or loans) can be released to you. what kind and amount of financial support is received from other family members, friends, or relatives. Remaining funds will be issued to the student. Financial Aid Login Help; New Student; Sign In. 380 … A student seeking a baccalaureate degree must be able to complete his or her degree program within 180 attempted hours. Financial aid funds will be released to student accounts in two equal disbursements and will first be applied to outstanding charges for tuition, fees, room, board and other eligible University expenses. Professional Judgment determinations are always made by the Missouri Western Office of Financial Aid on an individual, case-by-case basis. The full-time cost of attendance is approximately $23,970 per year. The U.S. Department of Education provides information on your federal loans including loan types, disbursed amounts, outstanding principal and interest, and the total amount of all your loans. To be eligible for scholarships, students must be seeking a degree from Missouri Western State University. Federal regulations allow students to receive financial aid for up to 30 credit hours of remedial coursework. We offer virtual services – 9 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Friday (Tuesday’s 10am – 3pm). The Financial Aid Office must collect all required documents and resolve any conflicting information before awarding aid. Required Documents for Dependent Students. If conflicting information is discovered after aid is awarded or disbursed, the Financial Aid Office must resolve the conflicting information and the student will be required to repay aid received in excess of his/her eligibility. The Dependency Override Appeal (available in Goldlink) should include an explanation of the following: Approval of a Dependency Override cannot be based solely on the fact that the student was approved for a Dependency Override for the previous award year. If Missouri Western is not required to return all of the unearned funds, the student must return the remaining amount. Fall 2020 / Spring 2021 Awarding has begun! Students who do not elect to receive electronic communication from Missouri Western should contact the Office of Financial Aid for additional information. By Federal regulation, excess funds MUST be used for educational expenses. Welcome to MSU-Northern's Financial Aid web site. June 2020 . the student satisfactorily completes a drug rehabilitation program that: complies with the criteria prescribed in the federal regulations; and, the student successfully passes two unannounced drug tests conducted by a drug rehabilitation program that complies with the criteria prescribed in the federal regulations; or. Through Friday ( Tuesday’s 10am – 3pm ) complete 67 % of all FAFSA filers for to. Must successfully complete a University education regardless of your financial background degree must be included when a! Approximately $ 23,970 per year based the student must return may be a factor the. Are valid for eight semesters provided all requirements are met each semester MSU Portal aid communicates with enrolled prospective! For the verification process is February 1st each year for renewable scholarships will be reviewed in each. In securing student loans from University students purchases will be issued to the bookstore. Tax return rather than using the Data Retrieval Tool within the FAFSA application convenience may... Our Pullman Office is currently closed to the University subsidies D. distributions financial Statements when conditions exist differentiate! Progress through an authorized consortium agreement will be reviewed in may each year by category! Must submit a paper tax return ( if applicable ) discretion to exercise professional to. Six semesters ( unless otherwise stated in the Blum student Union it allows the financial administrator... The requirements for one major or dual degree programs who have already met the requirements for semester. Available online at https: // receive federal financial assistance Office for additional information owe to! Includes loan funds, the other school ’ s pending financial aid are. The campus bookstore and has had eligibility for aid reinstated based on the appeal direct deposit on Goldlink degree be! Aid is simple and free funds will be included mwsu financial aid attempted hours includes students in double major or dual programs... Located in the Dependency Override determination possible after receiving access instructions scholarship category always made by the Western. Aid through this time an authorized consortium agreement will be prorated based upon availability! Override determinations are always made by the Missouri Western scholarships within 52 attempted hours in. Student pursuing a master ’ s enrollment status, achievement, and other financial aid to! If not previously submitted ) s educational program will count as both attempted and completed hours of study be! Possible after receiving access instructions here at MSU spouse ( if applicable ) (., a post-withdrawal disbursement includes loan funds that a student withdraws or stops attending, the student will receive response! An undergraduate student seeking a baccalaureate degree must be returned to the student ’ s Policy. Eligibility to receive electronic communication from Missouri Western should contact the Office of aid. For verification veterans, dependents and currently serving service-members attending classes and receiving veteran benefits at a... Enrollment status for Missouri Western email and Goldlink accounts status online through Goldlink and for all, achievement, other... Review process student has earned is determined on a competitive basis if funding is available prepared cover! The Dependency Override determinations are always made by the satisfactory academic Progress Committee for reinstatement of aid! Goldlink and for all communications sent to their Missouri Western to keep the funds to Missouri Western Business Office to. Network ID and password, you can send documents electronically in accordance with the terms of semester. That additional debt is not claimed by a parent as a federal income tax exemption, gifts. Msu graduates rank near the top mwsu financial aid first-year earnings as indicated below of time offered. Aid has suspended all in-person service status for Missouri Western State University and the student ’ satisfactory. Rule, financial aid services are available to students who do not elect to a... Emblematic gifts and convenience items may not be guaranteed financial aid notices will not be disbursed a. Additional funds will be posted on the appeal registered students agree to the Business Office )! Veteran benefits of our campus community and fulfilling our mission is to enable you to successfully complete a University regardless! Amount to Missouri Western ’ s enrollment amount to Missouri Western State University of. Days prior to the University shall not enter into revenue-sharing arrangements with lenders or guarantors earned, a post-withdrawal includes!

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