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Being one of the lucky recipients of an Enchantments overnight permit can't happen for everybody. Previous. 5 months ago. To see how The Enchantment peaks look like from father away on the south side, see our story from Navaho Pass and Peak. Before you set out to camp overnight in the Enchantments, you need to acquire a permit online or through the Leavenworth Ranger Station if you want to backpack between June 15-October 15. There are two routes to backpack to the Core Enchantments basin. The Enchantments are one of the most enchanting (sorry, we had to!) Set up camp and take in the views!! adventures and follow local regulations. That, and the many little scrambles and off trail routes around it are a joy. We left camp and soon found ourselves in a field of huge boulders at the north of Colchuck Lake, right before heading up Aasgard Pass. Hiking through the Enchantments, you'll pass stunning mountains, lakes, and panoramic views to ridiculously scenic campsites. Archived. Highlights include glacial-fed alpine lakes, impressive granite peaks, spectacular views, and… Yet, at the time we were up there, the trail up the pass was just like any other: somewhat steeper but not at all intimidating or worthy of any worry. Ben, Adam, and I loaded up our way too heavy packs and tried to not scrape up Ben’s walls walking … We could not find the one mentioned in Backpacker Magazine on the northwest shore. For more adventures, stalk me on Instagram @stephkeeganphoto. Without spoiling too much, this was hands down the best day. In the core of The Enchantments you will witness the endless sight of sawtooth mountains and everlasting signs of frost reflected upon crystal clear Alpine Lakes. The landscape is heavenly with gorgeous alpine lakes and jagged mountain peaks, not to mention the wonderful wildlife. All rights reserved. There are a lot of campsites in this area, but you have to apply ... 4 Day Backpacking Trip in the Enchantments. Backpacking in the Enchantments. Ohhhh boy. This is why so many people thru-hike the Enchantments. Backpacking Guide: The Enchantments . Cross another bridge and continue up switchbacks to Nada Lake. The Enchantments are a chain of high alpine lakes in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. I'm a bit worried I've booked a little late though.. should I be worried or do you think I'll be golden (heh)? Bridge Creek Group Campground sits in Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest in northwest Washington. Backpacking the Enchantments: Day 1 to Snow Lakes. The catch is that you need tons of luck to get past the lottery gods because you can't go there without a permit. Share Tweet. Along the way, great views of Colchuck Lake and the mountains behind. We did find another one that was really cool, on a big rock in the middle of the west shore. It is a compact area that can be divided into 3 parts: the Colchuck lake area to the west, the core enchantments in the middle and the Snow lake area to the east. As some of us spread out to seek a good spot, a couple of goats decided we were in their space and chased us furiously down towards the lake, then stayed aggressive for a while. Core Permit required for overnight access to all areas during permit season. By nick October 18, 2015 Hiking, Nature Experience, Washington No Comments. Camp along the shores of a turquoise lake or at the top of a ridge with panoramic views. Just have a few questions. Backpacking in the Enchantments. It’s popular enough that you have to submit an application via a lottery system many months in advance (much like the Mt. Winter is the perfect season to explore this area – not to mention you will skip the crowds!Reaching the trailhead of ... At the Snow Lake Trail, you start at a elevation of 1400 feet and run up to Nada Lake 5000 feet at 5.6 miles. Share Tweet. I spent four days last week backpacking with some of my family through the Enchantments, a gorgeous group of alpine lakes and peaks in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state. Tags: lake stuart lake trailhead snow lakes. 1. Share Tweet. The mountain was constantly changing shape. Little Annapurna trail: looking back towards the lakes where we started (middle-left), View from The Window on Little Annapurna, The Enchantments, View from the summit of 8400ft Little Annapurna, some dramatic drop on the other side, Narrow ledge near the summit of 8400ft Little Annapurna, The Enchantments, On the summit of Little Annapurna - view towards Mount Temple and Prusik Peak, a backpacker's paradise. Green Trails Map: Enchantments 209S, trailhead @ 47.5279, -120.8207, WTA. Also, do a trial run – maybe one night at the minimum in the wilderness – to test out your gear and make sure everything feels good. is entering through snow a little less crazier then Stuart? We ascended to the most pristine area in Washington known as The Enchantments. Here's one of them peeking at us from high atop a rock. See more ideas about backpacking travel, the enchantments, backpacking food. As I alluded to in Day 3, today was going to be one hell of a day going down Aasgard Pass. If you don’t win a permit by lottery you can win a permit the morning of your trip at the Leavenworth Ranger Station. All good things must come to an end, and for us it was time to pack. How about some rugged peaks and lots of rocks for a change? The Outbound works best with JavaScript enabled. u/vanwoerm. Distance: 19 miles; Hike Time: 2-3 days; Elevation Gain: 4600 feet; Elevation Loss: 6710 feet; Fee: $6 to enter lottery, $10 for a permit; Dogs: No; Difficulty: Hard; The Trailhead. One of my favorite places to eat after eating backpacking food is the Leavenworth Pizza Company!! It is a compact area that can be divided into 3 parts: the Colchuck lake area to the west, the core enchantments in the middle and the Snow lake area to the east. It was in middle of October of 2018 and got so lucky with weather. Its hard to get permits to stay in the enchantments. After a short while, we realized that we're descending quickly and, all of a sudden, we saw Inspiration Lake, with its waters darkened to an extreme by the mountain's shadow. On a four day backpacking trip you can take day trips from camp to explore over a dozen crystal clear lakes, summit surrounding peaks, and camp at an alpine lake of your choice! He and his buddy shared camp with us for maybe twenty minutes, laying down only feet away and watching us eat, while himself was proudly ruminating something. Backpacking The Enchantments in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness is a remarkably beautiful, but gruelingly difficult journey. Here he is: An uninvited dinner guest - Backpacking the Enchantments. We all awoke pretty early, filled with excitement, anxiety, dread or a mix of it all with the challenge we had before us. It had been such a long day, but the adventure was not going to be over yet because an alpha goat decided to stop by and crash our dinner. Dragontail Peak 8840 ft. with Aasgard Pass 7600 ft. (left) - Backpacking the Enchantments. Great description but your drop point on the map is wrong. Up by 6:30 AM, the gang began the mundane process of packing up camp, while also trying to cook breakfast, and also trying to filter … However, there is no easy way to get there. Many of you might know, but we are limited to weekends for adventures due to Austin’s surgery residency. At least, these were the answers my friends provided me. To see it in full, the 18 plus-mile trip across the entire basin, called the Enchantment Lakes Trav… We were a little down, just like you are on a Sunday knowing that you need to get back to work the following day. Contained within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State, the Enchantments are a well protected landscape with mountain rages that look straight out of a fairytale. On our way down, we saw Mount Temple again (above), this time from an equal height, then we stopped for a snack by the tarns at the bottom of Little Annapurna before descending all the way down to 7600 ft. Inspiration Lake and our camp for the night (see the little orange dot in the image below?). Here we go. Camp here at Lower Snow Lake or continue on the trail to Upper Snow Lake. +5,800 / -7,900 feet of elevation across the course of this trek with a peak elevation of 7,860 feet. Short answer, yes, the view was surreal. Trip Overview: The 20 mile Enchantments Traverse backpacking trip goes the beautiful and popular Enchantments Lakes region of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in the Cascade Mountains. This ethereal landscape of lakes, basins, and rugged peaks is a delightful place to hike through. Our close friends were lucky enough to score an Enchantments permit for Snow Lake in late June. Adventure is Calling: The Very First Backpacking Wedding in the Enchantments. This past September we got to knock off an item from our bucket list: hiking the Enchantments in Washington! A subreddit for traveling backpacking and wilderness backpacking, not restricted … Press J to jump to the feed. FOOD STORAGE: For this trip, we brought an Ursack, to keep the critters out of our food. Nestled in a forest canopy of pine and fir on the banks of Icicle Creek, Eightmile Group Campground in Okanogan-Wenatchee Trailhead to Nada Lake. There at the top, we took a little lunch break, and got to see on the other side of the pass, inside the "Core Enchantments". The lottery, held by, is open to entries for about a month. Note: If you need to make a call or send a text, stand on the big rock at the shore of Lake Vivian for decent service. Backpacking the Enchantments requires a permit, from May 15 to October 31, which can be acquired through a lottery system starting in February, or at the Leavenworth ranger station. Continue to follow the cairns until you reach Lake Vivian at the base of Prusik Peak! Backpacking the Enchantments: Day 4 Aasgard Pass past Colchuck Lake. There were maybe fifteen or twenty of them in the morning! The night before you hit the trail there are many places to stay in Leavenworth (5 miles from the trailhead) so you can get an early start on the trail! October 08, 2018 / quinn p. heyyyyyyyy. Go PRO to support our mission and get benefits like gear deals, no ads, and more! I realize that this is on short notice but I'm making plans to day hike the Enchantments on Monday 9/2/13. Stephanie Keegan February 29, 2020. One more lake would greet us on our way out, with beautiful blue waters, and that would be Nada Lake (below): After passing Nada Lake, the heat became increasingly unpleasant and we just wanted it to be over. Yet one of the most striking features of any hike into the core zone of the Enchantments is that of Prusik Peak. Backpacked and stayed overnight in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Eight Mile/Lake Caroline Zone of the Enchantments. Share Tweet. Backpacking the Enchantments Words and photos by Catie Bergman Leavenworth, Washington. I'm a bit worried I've booked a little late though.. should I be worried or do you think I'll be golden (heh)? Log In Sign Up. Ohhhh boy. Nestled in the Cascade Mountains, the Enchantments is full of alpine lakes, rocky peaks, larches, mountain goats, and incredible views. From here, you make your way to Lower and Upper Snow Lake, 2.2 miles. Backpacking in the Enchantments. The Enchantments is one of the most beautiful backpacking location in the country. Wait, we were also going back to work the following day! Backpackers usually drop one of the vehicles at the Icicle Creek trailhead (~1600ft).Then, they drive to the Colchuck Lake trailhead (~3600 ft) to start the hike at a higher elevation and save a couple of thousand feet in overall gain. Lake Caroline is one of the less frequented lakes but the views are nothing short of spectacular. and promptly began the grueling climb to Snow Lakes. Backpacking the Enchantments was truly the experience of a lifetime. Goatville, Day 4: All good things must come to an end, a.k.a the hike out. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It took a while, but we eventually got back to the trailhead at Icicle Creek. Taking one step at a time, it took us almost 2.5 hours to get to the top from camp. As the name implies, the Enchantments – an area within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, bounded by the Stuart Mountain Range – are pure magic. This was unlike the stories I heard said about it. Near the Bavarian town of Leavenworth (but hidden from sight), The Enchantments loom. Backpacking in the Enchantments: a magical valley with pristine lakes set in granite lives up to its name Updated Jan 10, 2019; Posted Mar 03, 2012 Facebook Share places in Washington and in this guide we’re sharing all of our tips for hiking the Enchantments, including how to get permits, what to pack, different route options, and things to know before you go! Epic photos of a multi-night backpacking elopement in The Enchantments alpine lake wilderness in Washington State Backpacking the Enchantments – Snow Zone and Summiting Little Annapurna. I knew about it before this trip but I did not image they will almost kick you out of the way without the slightest regard for your privacy. Jun 15, 2020 - Explore Caitlin Rose's board "Enchantments" on Pinterest. Backpacking the Enchantments: Day 4 Aasgard Pass past Colchuck Lake. It's the holy grail of backpacking in the Northwestern United States. Permit season extended to May 15, 2016 - Oct 31, 2016. August 16, 2018. Backpacking The Enchantments: The Trip Report Logistics in Seattle, WA. Nati... Overview But the Enchantments threw a few other pleasant surprises our way. We all awoke pretty early, filled with excitement, anxiety, dread or a mix of it all with the challenge we had before us. With sparkling blue-green alpine lakes, granite peaks, waterfalls, and mountain vistas, the whole region abounds with jarring natural beauty; some of the most inspiring scenery in the Pacific Northwest.

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