hunter fan wall switch not working

Who Sells Craftmade ceiling fans Craftmade International Inc established in 1984. A problem with the ceiling fan speed does not necessarily have to be caused in the fan itself. This product Hunter 99375 provides both the wall mount switch/remote and a wireless fan controller. The first thing to try is to clean and lubricate […] One of the switches within the working of the fan is connected to a remote, which can be controlled – as you may guess – remotely. For those who are having a problem with their Hunter 3-speed fan not working on all speeds, listen up: My fan would work on low speed and high speed, but when I selected medium speed, I got low speed. It depends upon the fan and how it is set up but 1. Featuring separate buttons for three fan speeds plus an Instant Off option and full-range light dimming, this two-wire control is free of excess wiring and fits a standard-size single gang box. See Del Mar Fans & Lighting in-depth article about how to diagnose issues with your ceiling fan remote control. A remote-controlled ceiling fan utilizes the free space within the fan's canopy. 1,2,3 are the fan speed control wires. John explains how to reset your Casablanca Platform Wall Switch (Wireless). After searching I learned that alot (if not all) of ceiling fan require a certain load on the light. Ceiling Fan Remote Troubleshooting. This versatile fan significantly improves the efficiency of your heating and cooling devices and will reduce your energy bills. Ceiling Fan Switch, 4 Wire Zing Ear ZE-268S6 Pull Chain Switch Replacement 3 Speed Control Switch Compatible with Hunter Ceiling Fans, Wall Lamps, Cabinet Light (Nickel Pull Chain) 4.5 out of 5 stars 11 Since you are working on your ceiling fan, find out the best ceiling fan direction for Summer or Winter. The 4 wire switch has markings on one side that shows, L 1 2 3. I cannot understand what the wall switch does. At the circuit breaker, fuse box, or wall light switch, turn the power off for the fan you want to re-set. This company has designed and distributed impressive products. Everything went smooth. I did not need the wireless fan controller as my hunter fan (avia) already had its own wireless controller. In some spaces, you’ll need to make sure the switch is in the “ON” position before turning the fan on via the pull cord. 4 of our bedroom ceiling fans in our house are malfunctioning. 1 - The fan stops working or on installation does not work. I'm new and not sure if this fits in this category. Essentially, we’ll use process of elimination to get to the root of the problem. I am replacing an existing light fixture with a ceiling fan/light. You're probably reading this because your ceiling fan doesn't work, making it pretty worthless on a hot day. A wall switch which over-rides the remote, i.e., if the wall switch is turned off, the fan and the light would turn off. The fan still works. Look around and you're sure to find the design that will make you a fan for life. Hunter offers ceiling fan remote control options that make your fans both easier to operate and more energy-efficient. The ceiling fan w/light are controlled by a remote control device. Neither of them worked. Hunter Fan Company creates ceiling fans for every look and lifestyle. My purchase did not fix the problem with my ceiling fan. I can get the fan and light to work with the pull chains, but not with the wall switch. Luckily, finding out the source of the problem is not all that difficult. Open the battery door of its Versa Touch control and remove the batteries. *I am not… It gets power from 2 3-way switches and it has a remote. Always turn off power before taking apart a ceiling fan or light switch. A remote is installed within the fan, and one of the two wall switches is bypassed in order for remote access. Installs in standard two-wire wall switch - no extra wiring Operates three fan speeds: high, medium and low Fan 1.6 amps Rocker switchplate not included Works with Hunter and Casablanca fans, not including the Hunter Original Rated for indoor spaces only The reverse function on a Hunter fan allows you to change the direction of the rotation on your ceiling fan. I don’t claim to be an expert but after researching many articles, I have put together a comprehensive list … They are famous for their energy efficiency, durability that make them one of the most reliable manufacturers in the industry of ceiling […] If the ceiling fan is operating the way it should, check out the wall control. Last week, I posted an article about successfully rewiring my remote control ceiling fan to bypass the remote and work off of the wall switch. As long as your ceiling fan does not come with a remote control and just has switches on the fan and wall, the culprit maybe your ceiling fan speed switch. The company would not accept the return. I had bought 75w equivelent (really 12.5w) LED Dimmable Ecosmart bulb and 100w (really 15w) bulbs. When I did the ceiling fans in my living room 8 years ago I ran into the same problem. 2. Change the dip switch settings, assuring that they This article will show you how to repair a ceiling fan, saving you time and money. It does not control any wall plug outlet, nor any wires in the ceiling box. The L stands for Load which is the Black wire. Versa-Touch 2 W-72/73 (fan model ends in "M") Versa- Touch 1 W-42/43 (fan model ends in "V") Direct Touch W-74 ( fan model ends in "L") If your fan model number does not end in the letters above or you have already tried the re-set procedure without success, you need to talk to an independent service center who specializes in Casablanca fan repair. With a simple replacement, you should be able to get all 3 speeds again. If your ceiling fan stopped working, start with the easy fixes first. Ceiling Fan Speeds Are Not Working. These are the facts and what I've done so far. First the wall remote did not work at all to fix our fans. The quality of Hunter fans is poor and the switches work poorly. 3. I tried replacing the switch, but that had no effect. If you are like me and have had a few problems with your Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote not working then this is the article for you. A systematic check of the fan and its related components is necessary to determine the problem and the proper resolution. The ceiling fan will be … Rated for fans at 1.0 Amp and fan lighting at 300 watts, this dual-purpose fan/light wall-mount control from Hunter gives you the freedom to control any brand of ceiling fan. Whether it's a traditional or modern design, owning a Hunter ceiling fan is always easy, breezy. I want to control the fan/light with this switch. If your fan does not have a … Includes how to recognize the sources of different ceiling fan problems and fix them in a hurry. Does it have a remote control? The wall switch is a single on/off switch. A pull switch is mounted on the base of the fan to control the function of the light. If certain ceiling fan speeds are not working, there are a few things that could be the problem. All three lights don't work. Faulty Connection at the Wall Control. We spoke with Hunter Fan Customer Support and they directed us to buy this exact part after we gave them our fan model #s - they assured us it would work with our existing fans and would be easy install. if so change the battery and if that does not work: 2. All of which I have listed below. The only difference is that the wiring for the light routes through the ceiling fan and connects to the main wiring with the wiring from the fan. Some quick research on the net found that this is common and its likely the 4 wire/3 speed capacitor in each fan is broken. Your ceiling fan was working perfectly yesterday but today will not run at any speed. A Hunter ceiling fan adds beauty to any room. Do not attempt to slide the reversing switch while the fan is on. Possible causes for this could be the remote control handset or receiver, the wall control, incorrect installation, a broken switch … It consists of more than 20 series and 1237 models of Craftmade ceiling fans. Lighting on a ceiling fan operates similarly to any other type of light fixture. This is regardless of the wall switch position. My wife flipped the wall switch the lights came on, then off. Below are 2 different scenarios, one is a broken pull chain and one is a bad switch. what are my options to get the wall switch to control the ceiling fan light fixture. So now I am stuck. I had a couple questions, and judging by the lack of help I was able to find online, I thought I would put the information out there. If your ceiling fan won't turn on or your speed settings are not working properly, you may notice a sharp change in the airflow. There is a hunter 99373 wall switch only but it was more … Ceiling Fan Remote Not Working. It's almost three years old. In the wall switch I have 2 … I just installed a Hunter "Grand Lodge" ceiling fan. Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remotes. Step 1: Check that your light switch is in the proper position if your fan is wired to the wall. I have a Hunter ceiling fan/3 lights. Suddenly the fan is stuck in low speed, and the light won't turn on. And, the switch must be turned on for the fan and/or light to respond to the remote. There are a number of potential reasons for this problem, including mechanical as well as electrical. Second the receiver was not at all compatible with the fan models we have. They all work on medium and high speed settings on the wall switch but not on the lowest setting. The fan helps cool a room in the summer and keeps a room warmer in the winter. I thought I was buying a new switch and also included a remote. To Re-set: 1. ... Press the "Reverse" button again to revert to the previous direction of airflow. A faulty installation, loose wires or shorted wires can cause the fan to lose speed. If you have not recently changed the battery, do so before re-set! This is the Hunter Fan top five problems we hear about and the possible causes for them. WALL-MOUNTED REMOTES Instantly make any room in your home more functional with an easy-to-install, wall-mounted remote.

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